Services – ALT name: Premium Features

Our technology has several functions to manage, maximize, and protect energy you store.

  • Time-Shifting: Choose the best time to regulate the flow of energy. The CO2 battery stores for up to 10 hours so you are able to pick what works best for your needs.

  • Physical Inertia: Minimize in less than 1 second the variation of the grid frequency as a consequence of a mismatch between generation (supply) and load (demand) therefore maintaining optimal flow.

  • Frequency Containment Reserve (Primary Reserve): Restore the equilibrium between generation (supply) and load (demand) within 30 seconds, at any level of frequency.

  • Automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (Secondary Reserve): Replace FCR gradually after 30″ if the deviations persist to restore the grid frequency.

  • Manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (Tertiary Reserve): Restore the grid frequency by supporting or partially substituting aFRR after 12.5 Minutes.

  • Voltage Regulation: Restore the nominal grid voltage by varying the reactive power of the machine (over/under-stress).

Technical Data Sheet

If you want to dig deeper into our technology please download the tech sheet here.