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      Agreement between Ansaldo Energia and Energy Dome for innovative energy storage solution

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      Agreement between Ansaldo Energia and Energy Dome for innovative energy storage solution Featured Image

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      Milan, 4 March 2022
      Giuseppe Marino, CEO of Ansaldo Energia, Daniela Gentile, CEO of Ansaldo GreenTech and Claudio Spadacini, CEO and Founder of Energy Dome, signed today the license agreement for the use by Ansaldo Energia of the energy storage technology owned by Energy Dome, based on the compression and expansion of CO2.

      This is the first license agreement between Energy Dome and an EPC / OEM internationally renowned company such as Ansaldo Energia, which will allow Ansaldo Energia to commercialize the CO2 Battery in core markets where the company, leader in power generation and key player of the energy transition, has a historic commercial presence. The agreement also foresees the marketing license of Energy Transition Combined Cycle (ETCC) technology in combination with gas turbines. The two companies intend to start construction of the first ETCC and CO2 Battery commercial plants by the beginning of 2023: Ansaldo Energia will provide the turnkey EPC, including performance guarantees, based on the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) developed by Energy Dome.

      Today’s signature follows the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year and the due diligence carried out by Ansaldo Energia on the Energy Dome technology, which confirmed the TRL (Technology Readiness Level), performance and costs as well as its potential in the energy storage market. Ansaldo Energia thus enters a strategic segment of the energy supply chain: a crucial operation in the era of ecological transition and fundamental for guaranteeing reliability in the distribution of energy produced from renewable sources.

      The innovative storage system owned by Energy Dome is based on a thermodynamic cycle which, by manipulating carbon dioxide (CO2) between its gaseous and liquid phases, allows an efficient and economical energy storage based on components already available on the market. The process includes a charging mode, in which CO2 is taken from an atmospheric gasholder, the Dome, compressed and then stored under pressure and at ambient temperature in a liquid state. When energy needs to be released, the CO2 is evaporated and expanded in a turbine, then returned to the atmospheric gasholder, ready for the next charging cycle, without the process having any emissions into the atmosphere.

      “The diversification of sources and the ability to store energy are crucial issues for the energy strategies of the next few years and will be a strong point of Ansaldo GreenTech’s offer”, says Giuseppe Marino, CEO of Ansaldo Energia. “Ansaldo Energia and Ansaldo GreenTech will offer solutions capable of providing concrete answers to the energy transition challenges. We considered Energy Dome’s development capacity to be highly innovative and we are pleased to have signed this agreement today”.

      “Today Ansaldo GreenTech fully enters the energy transition market, with a product portfolio both in the field of energy storage (CO2 Battery) and storage coupled with power generation (ETCC – Energy Transition Combined Cycle), highly synergetic with Ansaldo Energia’s current production” says Daniela Gentile, CEO of Ansaldo GreenTech. “We are ready to offer these innovative products, building on our experience and skills gained in over one hundred and sixty years in the power generation sector”.

      “Our agreement with Ansaldo Energia marks a significant new milestone for Energy Dome, as it represents our first licensing agreement and lays the foundation for the rapid expansion of our company globally. We have the ambition and the awareness of being able to provide the answer that the world desperately needs, that is, a concrete and reliable long-lasting energy storage technology, capable of decarbonizing the energy industry. I would like to congratulate Giuseppe Marino and Daniela Gentile for their leadership in making this agreement possible, which acknowledges Ansaldo Energia as a pioneer in adopting innovative technologies to change the world and meet the needs of its customers”, says Claudio Spadacini, CEO and Founder of Energy Dome.