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      CO2 Battery

      The only viable alternative
      for long-duration energy storage

      Main Benefits

      • Efficient


        Round-trip efficiency (75%+) AC-AC and MV-MV

      • Cost-Effective


        Highly competitive CAPEX and OPEX

      • Flexible


        CO2 Batteries can be constructed anywhere in the world

      • Proven


        MW-scale plant already operational and grid-connected

      • Durable


        No degradation of capacity or performance over 30+ years

      • Reliable


        Off-the-shelf components made of eco-friendly materials

      • Independent


        No dependence on rare metals such as lithium

      The CO2 Battery in a nutshell

      • Closed thermodynamic transformation
      • Manipulation of CO2 between its gaseous and liquid phase
      • CO2 warms up, evaporates, and expands, turning a turbine to generate electricity
      • Energy storage sweet spot between 8/24 hours
      • Zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere during the entire process
      • No cryogenic temperatures and high costs that are typically associated with compressed air energy storage
      • Massive reduction of costs by storing the CO2 at ambient temperature in its liquid phase
      • Patented technology that uses only water, steel, and CO2
      • All components are readily available worldwide from multiple Tier 1 suppliers

      “Energy Dome’s technology uses a thermodynamic cycle, charging by drawing carbon dioxide from a ‘Dome’ gasholder, storing it under pressure, and then dispatching it by evaporating and expanding the gas through a turbine back into the gasholder.”

      CO2 is the solution for long-duration energy storage

      At the core of our solution, there’s our patented CO2-based technology. This is the only alternative to expensive, unsustainable lithium batteries currently used for energy storage. The CO2 Battery is a better-value, better-quality solution that solves your energy storage needs, so you can start transitioning to alternative energy sources today.




      CO2 Battery Lithium-Ion battery
      Round Trip Efficiency75%+ (no degradation over time)85% (high degradation over time)
      Lifetime30+ Years<12 Years
      Depth of Discharge (DoD)100%<80%
      Components AvailabilityGlobalLimited
      No Critical Materials
      Physical Inertia
      Off-the-shelf Components
      Installation Time<2 years<2 years

      How does the charge/discharge process work?

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      Standard Solution

      The CO2 Battery is widely scalable on a global level thanks to the integration of well-known industrial components in a new, efficient, and cost-effective process. It’s a model where the same identical design can be deployed anywhere in the world. Every component we choose is standard, making the CO2 Battery a very simple and more economical solution, no matter where you are—a plug-and-play plant to solve the world’s biggest problem.


      “Off-the-shelf equipment, standard components, modularity, and scalability are the features that make the CO2 Battery a ready-to-go solution to support the energy transition effectively.”


      • Time-Shifting: Choose the best time to regulate the flow of energy. The CO2 battery stores for up to 10 hours so you are able to pick what works best for your needs.
      • Physical Inertia: Minimize in less than 1 second the variation of the grid frequency as a consequence of a mismatch between generation (supply) and load (demand) therefore maintaining optimal flow.
      • Frequency Containment Reserve (Primary Reserve): Restore the equilibrium between generation (supply) and load (demand) within 30 seconds, at any level of frequency.
      • Automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (Secondary Reserve): Replace FCR gradually after 30″ if the deviations persist to restore the grid frequency.
      • Manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (Tertiary Reserve): Restore the grid frequency by supporting or partially substituting aFRR after 12.5 Minutes.
      • Voltage Regulation: Restore the nominal grid voltage by varying the reactive power of the machine (over/under-stress).

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