Our History

Energy Dome was founded in Milan in February 2020 by Claudio Spadacini, Dario Rizzi, and Francesco Oppici.

The three have been working together for over 15 years and, in previous ventures, have developed, designed, and built more than 500 MW of geothermal, heat recovery, CSP, biogas, and biomass power plants based on proprietary innovative technologies.

In other words, we are a scale-up company with 15 years of experience on our shoulders.

Today, Energy Dome is the only viable alternative in Energy Storage that’s making solar and wind power dispatchable using the proprietary CO2 Battery.

Our Mission

We have a simple yet powerful mission in mind: we want to help start decarbonizing the world today because our world can’t wait.

How many companies can say they have the technology to change the world today?

We can, and we want to do it for our future and the future of our children. We need to stop dreaming about tomorrow.

Let’s get it done. Today.

Our Values

Our team

We have a team of incredibly experienced professionals. Engineers, innovators and business professionals who understand not only how to create technology that can transform the world but also how business works and how we can help during the energy transition.

Board of directors

Claudio Spadacini
Matt LeDucq
Andrea Dossi
Cesare Maifredi
James Ferrier
Lorenzo Siciliano

Advisory board

Ennio Macchi
Manlio Francesco Coviello

Our people

Claudio Spadacini

Founder and CEO

Dario Rizzi

Co-founder and CIO

Francesco Oppici

Co-founder and CPO

Simone Penati

Head of Engineering

Samuela Beretta

Technical Buyer

Paul Smith

SVP Global Sales

Ilenia Geronimi

Financial and Administrative Specialist

Antonio Lezzi

Head of Supply Chain

Lynn Lukiyanova

Content and Creative Marketing Specialist

Paolo Cavallini

Chief of Staff

Eric Watson

Sales Director North America

Federico Minoli

Sales Manager

Fabio Arienti

Senior Process Engineer

Fabio Vitale

Project Engineer

Francesca Borelli

People and Culture Manager

Simone Panella

Process Engineer

Filippo Molteni

Automation & Electrical Engineering Lead

Ben Potter

Chief Operating Officer, Storage as a Service

Jonathan Roncolato

Sales Engineering Lead

Tiziana Sarto

Marketing & Communications Manager

Giancarlo De Franco

Sales Engineer

Stefano Salvadeo

VP Accounting, Finance and Tax

Andrea Colombo

Electrical Engineer

Mario Torchio

Global Marketing & Communications Director

Melissa DeValles

SVP North America

Salvatore Petruzzi

Business Developer

Enrico Patanè

Junior Process Engineer

Giuseppe Diana

Site Quality Manager

Riccardo Croci

Mechanical Designer and Draftsman

Filippo Galvani

Civil and Structural Engineer

Paolo Zenatti

Project Engineer

Alessandro Previtali

Automation and Control Engineer

Sergio Morlacchi

Chief Operating Officer, OEM Service Line

Giovanni Brambilla

Senior Buyer

Chryssa Syrelli

Contract Manager

Stefano Marforio

QHSE Manager

Jonida Dervishhasani

Claudio's Personal Assistant

Lorenzo Valsecchi

Logistic Specialist

Emanuele Pavesi


Marcin Klopot

VP Corporate Development and Investor Relations

Giovanni Vernile

Piping Engineering Lead

Francesco Astolfi

Process Engineering Lead

Lourenco Lopretti

Head of Supply Chain USA

Elyse Doyle

Senior Project Manager USA

David Martin

Business Development Director North America

Luca Moro Visconti

Group Controller

Roberta Pinto

Head of Legal

Matteo Russo

Project Engineer

Giuseppe Stabile

Commissioning Manager

Daniel O'Doherty

VP Business Development Australia

Ernesto Heyer Guerrero

Business Development Director Chile

Giulia Marano


Luca Amicabile

Project Controller

Cristian Bersani

Quality Manager & Expediting

Riccardo Croci

Mechanical Designer and Draftsman

Alessandro Previtali

Automation and Control Engineer

Emanuele Pavesi


Giovanni Vernile

Piping Engineering Lead

Some people are building the future of energy storage. We have already done it.