Our World Can’t Wait.

The only viable alternative for long-duration energy storage

Our World Can’t Wait.

The only viable alternative for long-duration energy storage

Are we going to decarbonize the world, or what?

We set out with one simple mission: We want to enable humanity to avoid climate change by starting to decarbonize the grid with long-duration energy storage. Not tomorrow. Not when it’s too late. Today! Our proprietary technology is ready now to provide energy storage solutions that have been missing. If you, like us, want your children to have a future, this needs to start now. Stop dreaming about tomorrow. A cheaper, faster, better energy storage solution is ready to go. Get it done today.

Humbly speaking, there’s only one way to start saving the world.

Energy Dome solves the problem of long-duration energy storage with technology that is made with off-the-shelf components, it is scalable to your needs, with easy maintenance, and sustainable materials such as steel and CO2. It’s the only solution that makes sense in the marketplace today to store renewable energy and start decarbonizing the world. Right now.

  • Proven and reliable solution

  • Lowest cost by the kWh

  • Lower investment without degradation

  • Off-the-shelf components

  • Simplicity

Who knew that CO2 could save us?

That’s right, we use carbon dioxide to fight climate change.

Energy Dome’s technology operates through a thermodynamic cycle, charging by drawing carbon dioxide from a ‘Dome’ gasholder, storing it under pressure, and then dispatching it by evaporating and expanding the gas through a turbine back into the gasholder.

  • Closed thermodynamic transformation

  • Site-independent

  • No extreme cryogenic temperatures

  • Mechanical solution with natural inertia

  • Off-the-shelf components

When we say we can get started today, we mean today.

There are two ways to join the future of energy storage

Not all the energy storage needs are the same. Not all the objectives are the same. That’s why we provide two different solutions.

Energy Storage As a Service

You buy only the storage capacity you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Buy Your Own Plant

For those who want full ownership and control, we supply you with our CO2 Battery. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back, as we’ll be there for you every step of the way.