Thursday, 27th of May

Claudio Spadacini, Founder and CEO of Energy Dome, and Giuseppe Marino, CEO of the Ansaldo Energia Group have signed a commercial agreement that would see Ansaldo bring Energy Dome’s CO2 Battery and Energy Transition Combined Cycle (ETCC) to market. This contract formalizes the desire of the two companies to collaborate towards a joint goal, namely the speeding up the decarbonization of the industrial economy worldwide.

With this agreement, Energy Dome secures a reputable go-to-market channel ensuring a deep reach in selected markets. Ansaldo Energia plans integrating the ETCC into its leading gas turbine product portfolio and to offer the CO2 Battery as an important product within its energy transition strategy.

Energy Dome CEO, Claudio Spadicini said:

Last week, Energy Dome’s team shared the news that we will start the construction phase of our 2.5MW/4MWh demonstration plant in Sardinia within 2021. Today we announce this important agreement that both the companies strongly desired to sign, aware of the mutual interest in signing an agreement that can accelerate the energy transition and support the commercial ambitions of both companies.

Energy Dome technology will change the paradigm of utility scale energy storage. This is a first commercial step, and we are very confident that aside to a consolidated global company as Ansaldo Energia, we will be capable to boost the energy transition at global scale, providing a very competitive technology.”

Energy Dome is an emerging technology leader in the long-duration utility scale Energy Storage space. It has developed an innovative solution to store electric power by liquifying CO2 and holding it in its liquid form until the power is needed, at which point the liquid CO2 is expanded back into its gaseous form through a turbo-expander, which drives a generator. The process, whilst groundbreaking, relies on tried and tested components that can be bought off the shelf.

Ansaldo Energia Group, with over 250,000 MW installed in more than 90 countries and 4000 employees, is an international player in the field of electricity generation, capable of providing industry with an integrated model, from turnkey plants, components (gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, microturbines) and support service, as well as activities in the nuclear energy sector.